About Us

At present, the Waveland Law Group LLC consists of John N. Walker (J.D. Harvard 1992), a practitioner who left large a large firm (Winston & Strawn) to practice law in a more cost-effective and innovative way.

Our firm philosophy recognizes the reality of law practice today, which is that clients no longer believe that legal work is self-justifying at any price. Instead, as with any other service, the benefits must outweigh the costs. We structure our pricing and our approach to every case with that in mind. As a result, we can handle cases of all types and sizes, and represent even the smallest businesses and individuals.

Our practice includes all sorts of litigation, including commercial, construction, information technology, condominium, real estate and contracts.  We also represent clients in a corporate context with respect to LLC operating agreements, non-disclosure agreements, banking and other financial agreements, disputes with the City of Chicago and State of Illinois as to taxes, permits, and other administrative matters, and employment disputes.

Finally, we offer general counsel and corporate governance services, on a fixed monthly fee basis, to a wide variety of small businesses that want the preventative advantages of a general counsel without hiring one.